Falls management

Falls management

While anyone can have a trip up from time to time, it's important to take the appropriate measures to support those for whom a fall can be a more serious matter.

There are various factors which can put people more at risk of experiencing a fall, such as health conditions including heart disease and low blood pressure, as well as dementia, vision impairment or muscular weakness. 

Each year, it is estimated that one in every four older people will have a fall, according to the Queensland Government.

While falls may appear to be accidental events, in many cases they can be predicted, and therefore minimised or prevented through careful management and vigilance.

This can be achieved through the identification of hazards to secure a safe environment, especially around the home as well as regular physical activity and a healthy diet. However, assistive technologies and monitoring can provide further support to ensure that should a fall occur, help is never far away.

Managing falls with telecare

Putting in place a fall management plan can give clients, as well as their loved ones and carers, greater peace of mind knowing that a fall won't go unnoticed. With Tunstall's range of telecare sensors and devices, clients have the security they need in an unobtrusive solution.

A fall can not only cause physical harm, but the event in itself can also be a source of emotional distress. Early fall detection can mean that a client receives the necessary assistance as soon as possible.

Falls management can involve the use of telecare devices connected to the Tunstall home medical alarm.

When triggered by a potential fall, this alerts our 24-hour monitoring centre. There, a response operator can immediately talk to the client to determine whether assistance is needed, contacting an ambulance service in case of an emergency.

Product solutions for falls management include:

For assistance in creating a falls management package, please call 1800 603 377, or get in touch via email.

To find out more, you can read our Falls Management Solutions Sheet, as well as the iVi Intelligent Pendant Solutions Sheet.


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