ICP triagemanager


ICP triagemanager is our innovative patient management system which processes readings received from our Connected Health monitoring hubs.

 Should readings exceed the individual parameters set for the patient, the system will prioritise them on the triage screen, using colour-coding relating to the level of risk.

A clinician can then be contacted according to local protocol. Clinicians can also access data remotely at any time, enabling them to make further informed decisions. Tunstall's Clinical Services Centres in Brisbane and Tauranga are staffed by registered nurses, providing offsite clinical triage services.

ICP triagemanager can also be integrated with other patient management systems.


 Key features and benefits:

  • CE marked and quality assured – complies with European Medical Devices Directive, and was developed under ISO 13485 quality system.

  • Flexible – clinical reporting and patient trend graphs.

  • Secure – all data hosted locally and patient ID cards use EHR numbers and PIN entry or other unique identifier.

  • Integrated – enables multiple stakeholders to share real-time information.

  • Scalable – supports the delivery of small-scale connected health pilots to large-scale mainstream implementations.

  • Auditable – system provides full audit trail and management reporting.

  • Effective – task management functionality, plus dashboard and colour coding makes data easy to view and prioritises care delivery.

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