The Liberty300 is Tunstall’s first home alarm unit with an integral 3G module and POTS connection, enabling it to be used both on a mobile phone network and traditional landline.


Each Liberty300 is supplied with a personal radio trigger that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck as a pendant, allowing the user to activate an alarm call from anywhere in the house, without having to use a phone.

Alternatively, the alarm can be activated by the red help button on the base alarm unit. There is also an optional vibrating pendant available for use with the alarm.


Key features

The Liberty300 incorporates both 3G and POTS technology, providing greater reliability and continuous connectivity options in the event of telephone line failure.

  • IP connectivity - The Liberty300 integrates seamlessly to Tunstall’s call management platform, PNC over both voice (POTS and GSM) and data (GPRS and optional Ethernet)

  • Automatic warning alerts - the unit alerts the user to mains and line connection failure/resumption with a visual signal

  • Backup battery monitoring (40+ hours) - unit reports the status of its backup battery to the monitoring centre

  • Wireless connected care sensors - Up to 15 wireless Connected Care sensor inputs can be linked to the home unit


Compatible sensors/Accessories


Liberty300 dual-frequency medical alarm

With all the functionality of the Tunstall Liberty 300 alarm, plus an additional radio frequency, the dual-frequency Liberty 300 alarm is the perfect solution for village managers and individuals who currently have sensors on frequency 303MHz and are looking to upgrade to a mobile 3G alarm.


How does it work?

The Liberty 300 dual-frequency alarm can interface with up to 15 wireless sensors, and is compatible with sensors on both the 303MHz and 915-928MHz bands.

Using plug-and-play technology, sensors can be easily added, catering to the changing needs of individual clients, without the need for specialist knowledge or assistance.

Recommended Retail Pricing

Alarm rental & monitoring - $44.50 per month

Please note that the above price does not include possible postage or installation costs. To arrange a quote, please contact us.


Note: For on-site programming of the Liberty300 alarm the up/download programming software is available for download here. A usb cable is also required and can be ordered free of charge by emailing the Tunstall Service Desk.