myCareAssist is Tunstall’s latest personal safety app. With GPS location functionality, myCareAssist ensures help can reach you quickly.

What is the myCareAssist app?

myCareAssist is designed to work with an existing Android and iOS device capable of supporting the latest operating systems, to offer safety for people who feel vulnerable in the community.

 With individual user ID access, GPS integration, and easy duress activation, myCareTrack aims to quickly identify individuals who may be in need of assistance.

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 Who is it for?

Tunstall’s myCareAssist is suitable for people who work alone or feel vulnerable, including:

  • Older people

  • Those with long-term conditions

  • Community nurses

  • Care workers

  • Young children

  • Domestic violence sufferers

  • Night shift workers

  • Mobile workers

  • People with physical disabilities

  • Those who travel regularly


Features and benefits

  • Provides an easy to use 24/7 emergency call button

  • Periodic GPS location information reported to Tunstall's PNC monitoring system

  • Supported on Andriod and iOS platforms

  • Simplified installation and central configuration support

  • Data connectivity option for faster check-in/out and location text messages


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