Connected Health Hub 


The myClinic Connected Health hub is a component of Tunstall’s ICP. It’s a tablet device which uses wireless technology enabling patients to monitor their own condition from home.

The myClinic health interview guides the patient through a series of measurements and asks pre-set health questions, alerting the patient when their scheduled interview is due. Patients use a series of medical-grade peripheral devices (such as thermometer, pulse oximeter, weight scale) to measure specific vital signs and health questions are set to the individual. 

myClinic hub.png

 Key features and benefits of myClinic

  • Tailored – vital sign and health interviews are configured to individual patient needs.

  • Flexible – lightweight and portable tablet device with multiple input options and video conferencing capabilities with camera and inbuilt microphone.

  • Easy to use – touchscreen, Windows, colour display with clear text and large on-screen buttons, multi-language audio announcements via clear loudspeaker.

  • Secure – all data is hosted at a secure Microsoft Azure Australian hosting facility.

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