Tunstall Australasia brings people-centred, integrated healthcare to Asia with Revlis Biotech

In June 2016, Tunstall Healthcare entered into an exclusive connected health and care distribution agreement with Chinese health organisation Revlis Biotech, cementing Tunstall’s position in Asia as a leading health technology provider.

Tunstall rekindled their long-term business relationship with Revlis while on a trade mission with Trade and Investment Queensland in November of last year, after originally working together back in 2006.


Tunstall Australasia Managing Director Lyn Davies was delighted to officially announce the agreement.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for Tunstall and Revlis to revolutionise healthcare across Asia, and to build on a lasting and rewarding relationship between our two companies,” said Ms Davies.

“China’s ageing population requires effective and integrated healthcare, and together we can deliver unique solutions that provide the best possible care,” she said.

Revlis Biotech’s Chief Operating Officer Martin Chang said this new venture has the potential to improve the lives of thousands of Chinese seniors.

“With the support of Tunstall, we aim to reach 32,000 connected health patients and 16,000 connected care clients by 2019,” said Mr Chang.

“This is the first people-centred, integrated healthcare service of its kind in China, and one that the aged care market greatly needs,” he said.

Released in late July, a report by the World Bank, World Health Organisation, and China's Ministry of Finance, National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, recommended China switch to people-centred, integrated care, reducing hospital admissions and cutting down on health costs.

“With in-home emergency alarm monitoring and remote chronic disease management, this new service will enable seniors to stay out of hospital or residential care and enjoy a better quality of life,” said Mr Chang.

“We will be launching two Smart Care Monitoring Centres based in Shanghai and Qingdao, staffed by qualified nurses, and with the capacity to service clients across China,” he said.

Tunstall is currently developing Chinese versions of both their PNC call management software and ICP patient management system.

“With Tunstall’s management software, our centres will be able to support a range of clients, from those who need a little extra reassurance at home via a medical alarm, to those with long-term conditions who require daily health management,” said Mr Chang.

Tunstall will also integrate the Revlis Cmate® ECG with the ICP system, providing patients and clinicians with a portable device that can continuously record ECG data for up to 24 hours.

Moving forward, Tunstall and Revlis will continue to collaborate with local hospitals, community care providers and government to support the growth and development of cutting-edge healthcare technology and services.

For more information on Tunstall’s connected care and connected health services, visit us at www.tunstallhealthcare.com.au


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About Revlis Biotech

Revlis Biotech Co., Ltd was established in 2003. In the early years, Revlis focused on the business of cosmetic products. In addition to cooperated with Japan KANSAI-KOSO Co,. Ltd., Revlis became the sole distributor of Germany Burnus GmbH in Greater China region with its brands KAMILL and GLYSOLID.

In 2008, the IT health sector was established and concentrated on research and development of Cmate® Portable ECG and Chlorophyll Energy. Revlis combined domestic industry, government, academia, research and other resources, which at the same time had enabled it to strengthen our own R&D capabilities. As a result, Cmate® Portable ECG device not only had been certificated by CE, ISO quality authorization, but also obtained certifications from Taiwan, China and Australia. Moreover, the technique of Chlorophyll Energy was patented by many countries.

In 2010, the branch company Revlis (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was established as an important forward base in the Greater China market. After making every effort, Revlis cooperated with Lenovo Group and involved in the field of medical applications and cloud services Telemedicine. In 2015, another branch company, LianWei (Shanghai) Medtech Co., Ltd was established.

Revlis continually strives for outstanding quality in order to realize our ideals "Healthy, Pretty and Long-lived! Let dreams higher, make lives better!"


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