Celebrating Tunstall’s diamond year

In 1957, Norman Tunstall started a small TV and radio shop in Askern, a quaint Yorkshire town. Sixty years on, Tunstall has become the world’s leading provider in connected healthcare solutions.

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Tunstall’s journey from these humble beginnings has always been driven by a commitment to innovation, anchored by a dedication to the very best outcomes for their customers.

By developing its systems in-house, and working alongside dedicated partners in technology, Tunstall creates flexible platforms, devices and services in order to meet the diverse and evolving needs of customers.

Lyn Davies, Tunstall Australasia Managing Director, has been with the company since 2004, and in those 13 years has seen the organisation grow from strength to strength.

“At Tunstall, a lot of work goes into understanding our customers’ needs. Instead of traditional R&D approaches, we focus on innovation and design framed around our customers,” said Ms Davies.

“Rather than develop technology for the sake of it, we address major issues ranging from independent living and social inclusion support to remote telehealth solutions for chronic disease management, which really make a difference to peoples’ lives.

“Service is therefore the core driver of innovation at Tunstall and we remain focused on excellence in service delivery as we grow and develop our technology solutions,” she said.

This tradition of innovation continues in 2017, as Tunstall continues to improve their connected health solution, bringing together the best in digital technology and clinical consultancy.

“The pivotal point this year comes when we advance our connected health offering through digital technology and innovative solution-based services such as clinical consultancy delivered via video conference,” said Ms Davies.

“We have evolved our 24-hour emergency support services for vulnerable people for 60 years now. As such, when you use Tunstall's solutions, you are speaking to a trained care consultant or nurse who can give professional advice in both health and social care.

“This year, we’re streamlining our ICP connected health offering to improve access and affordability of life changing remote chronic disease management services for patients and care providers.

“I believe the future will see this connected approach to health grow, supporting individuals with chronic disease through cost effective solutions that help people live longer and healthier lives,” Ms Davies said.

Tunstall’s diamond anniversary makes 2017 a pivotal year for the company, as they work to transform the healthcare landscape and develop the next generation of connected healthcare services.

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