Tunstall Healthcare increases Chinese presence

Sino Fortune Launch

Tunstall Healthcare has expanded its footprint in the lucrative Chinese market to reinforce its reputation as a global provider of connected care and health solutions. 

Having secured its first Chinese partner two years ago, the company has now teamed with Property development giant, Sino Fortune to launch telehealth program using its Integrated Care Platform (ICP) solution. Sino Fortune specialises in whole community development providing hospitals, education facilities, retail facilities and community and aged care.

ICP, which utilises Tunstall Healthcare’s state-of-the-art Triage Patient Management software and myMobile app, will allow Sino Fortune to remotely monitor its residents’ vital signs and health conditions from their own homes.

The partnership was celebrated on Tuesday, January 8th when Tunstall Healthcare executives visit the Chinese coastal city of Tianjin for the launch of Sino Fortune’s Smart Senior Service Demonstration Area, which includes the telehealth program, a dementia centre, rehabilitation centre and stroke rehabilitation centre.

Tunstall Healthcare Global Technical Director Health and Chief Information Officer (APAC) Geoff Feakes, along with Tunstall Health A/S Managing Director Mads Wojtynka, will speak at the launch, said the partnership was a key moment in the company’s expansion strategy. This partnership was facilitated through our Tunstall Health Denmark office whose relationship with Sino Fortune goes back since 2016.

“While we have been supporting people with a variety of care needs to live safely and independently in their own homes for many years, this partnership demonstrates the global power of Tunstall’s connected health platform,” said Geoff Feakes.

“ICP is already being used by a Chinese client and we have now customised the technology so Sino Fortune can also provide its residents with the health support and services they deserve.

“We’re doing great work in countries such as UK, Spain, Canada and Australia but our growing presence in China is incredibly exciting. We have done a lot of hard work to reach this point and it’s great to see we are starting to make in-roads in such a crucial market.”

Mr Feakes said Tunstall Healthcare was using state-of-the-art technology to help its partners tackle health challenges faced across the world.

“The number of people in China may dwarf other countries but they are facing the same fundamental issues other nations are in relation to Healthcare,” he said.

“Chronic health conditions such as lung disease, cancer and diabetes are on the rise globally and because our technology is adaptable, scalable and globalised, we can customise and deploy it in different countries and territories.”

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