Tunstall GO


Tunstall is proud to present a new wearable MPERS solution, specifically designed for summoning help beyond the boundaries of the home.

GO 11 Oct 18.jpg

Following a button press, users can be located by SmartCare® Locate (a purpose-built web application by Chiptech that displays Tunstall GO’s current position), which displays GPS data and features an algorithm to refine a user’s location.

This multifunctional device includes a help button, handsfree speakerphone system, GPS location, and optional fall detection. Tunstall GO has the flexibility to be worn in different ways to suit the preference of the individual. Supplied with a hypoallergenic chain and split ring, Tunstall GO can be worn around the neck, fixed to a belt, key ring, or conveniently placed in a pocket. Charging Tunstall GO is smooth and easy using the wireless charging system.


Key Features

  • 3G cellular connection

  • Hands-free communciation

  • GPS location via SmartCare® Locate portal

  • Qi wireless charging

  • Water resistant (IP67)

  • Internal RFID information storage

  • Lost and Flight Modes


Recommended Retail Pricing

Purchase - $799 ex GST

Please note that the above price does not include possible postage or installation costs. To arrange a quote, please contact us.



® SmartCare and Chiptech are registered trademarks of Chiptech Limited.

™ GO Symbol is a trademark of Chiptech Limited.

Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand by Chiptech Limited.