Bed Shaker


The Bellman Bed Shaker is placed under the pillow and uses vibration to alert the sleeping carer of various calls and alerts. The Bellman Bed Shaker can be connected to the Bellman Visit Portable Receiver and the Bellman Visit Flash Receiver to create a self-monitored solution in the home.



  • Powerful vibrations - Wakes up even heavy sleepers

  • Anti-slip protection - Stays in position when it vibrates

  • Safe to use - Operates at low voltage

  • Long cable, 2m - Easy to place where you want it

  • Visit compatible - Works with all the Visit receivers


Bellman Bed Shaker - $49.00

Please note that the above price does not include possible postage or installation costs. To arrange a quote, please contact us.

Product Information

Bellman Bed Shaker data sheet

Bellman Bed Shaker user guide