Home Care


Tunstall can provide a home alarm, linked to a range of environmental and activity sensors to create a smart home environment which supports the safety and wellbeing of an individual living independently or with the assistance of a carer.

This home network can be monitored by our 24/7 Customer Care Centre, or by an on-site carer. Family and friends can also participate in monitoring through secure, real-time applications.

Tunstall's devices can also interface with compatible smart home technologies to enable greater control for the individual or carers through voice control and automation.

Each Tunstall client has an individually tailored care plan and our Customer Care Consultants will provide the appropriate support accordingly. Family, friends and formal care givers can all be appraised on any incidents, activity changes or potential environmental risks.

Tunstall's home care solutions enable people of any age and ability to live safely and independently in a place of their choice.


Moving your alarm?

If you have a Tunstall medical alarm and you’re moving house or relocating it within your home, you must contact our Customer Service team on 1800 603 377 to notify us.

If the alarm is moved it could affect its ability to connect to our Customer Care Centre, and we may not be able to provide assistance in an emergency.