Service Notifications

Telstra 2100Mhz 3G Shutdown

Telstra has notified us that they are permanently shutting off the 2100MHz layer of the 3G network and moving to 850MHz network starting on a nationwide rollout from 25th March to 8th April 2019.

The 3G network currently supports two radio frequencies 850MHz (primary layer) and 2100MHz (secondary backup layer). Although Telstra is switching off the 2100MHz, the primary 850MHz layer will remain available.

All of Tunstall’s 3G alarms operate across both bandwidths to ensure connectivity across the network and are designed to automatically reconnect to the 850MHz network once the 2100MHz network is shut down. There may be additional congestion for all 3G mobile devices as a result of the shutdown, whilst it is unlikely, there may be slower connection times.

To ensure the continued safety of our customers, we will perform random testing post the network shutdown.