Tunstall is an approved Personal Response Systems (PRS) supplier to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (DVA).  

The Rehabilitation and Appliances Program (RAP) provides aids and appliances according to each individual veteran's assessed clinical need.

Funded medical alarms and care sensors are available to DVA Gold and White card holders assessed by an appropriately qualified health provider.

Is my client eligible for a RAP funded PRS?

Members of the veteran community are eligible if they have an assessed clinical need for an aid or appliance and are a:

•    Gold Card holder

•    White Card holder (only for conditions accepted by DVA as related to service)


Can I refer my client?

To be eligible for a RAP funded personal alarm system, a DVA card holder must be assessed by an appropriately qualified health provider including:

•    Occupational Therapist (OT)

•    Registered Nurse (RN) or Practice Nurse (PN)

•    Physio Therapist (PT)

•   Social Worker

•    Local Medical Officer (LMO) / General Practitioner (GP)

•    Specialist


How do I refer my client to Tunstall?

To refer a client for a RAP funded personal alarm system (PRS), you must complete and submit a DVA D9199 assessment form.

You may complete and submit an online version of the form.

Alternatively, you may also print and complete a hard-copy version of the form. Submit to Tunstall via fax (07) 3637 2255 or email au.customerservice@tunstall.com


What Tunstall products are funded by RAP?

Tunstall offers a leading personal response system, which includes a base alarm unit and radio trigger pendant connected to our 24/7 monitoring service. 

A range of sensor devices are also now available to eligible DVA card holders, including:

•    Automatic fall detector

•    Vibrating pendant (suitable for veterans with hearing or sight impairment)

•    Find-Me Tunstall GPS Watch