Epilepsy Sensor


This state of the art epilepsy sensor monitors the user's vital signs including heart rate and breathing patterns to detect a range of epileptic seizures. The sensor eliminates the need for carers to make physical checks, promoting independence and dignity.

What is the epilepsy sensor?

The Emfit sensor monitors a person with epilepsy while they sleep. Patented sensor technology detects all of a person’s movement in bed and is able to differentiate normal movements from epileptic seizures. It consists of a sensor, a control unit and a radio transmitter.

The bed sensor is extremely thin and contains no embedded wires or switches. An alarm can then be raised through a local audible alarm if there is a carer nearby.

Emfit Epilepsy Sensor.jpg


  • Epilepsy sensor monitors more than just vibration – reduces false calls

  • Sensitivity adjustment – adjusts to the individual’s requirements

  • Unobtrusive – minimises user disruption

  • Plug and play registration – program with ease

  • Automatic radio trigger low battery warning - ensure optimum operation


Epilepsy Sensor Kit - $3,064.05

Please note that the above price does not include possible postage or installation costs. To arrange a quote, please contact us.


Epilepsy Sensor Solution Sheet