Bellman Visit

Alarm Clock


The Bellman Visit Alarm Clock provides a clear wake up alert for users with hearing difficulties. Using distinct flashes, loud sound and different coloured LEDs, it also alerts a sleeping user if other Bellman devices in the home have been activated, such as the Doorbell, Telephone, Baby Cry or Smoke Alarm.

Tunstall’s Connected Care devices can also interface with the alarm clock to wake up sleeping carers.



  • Extra loud alarm signal - Gradually increases to over 100dB

  • High intensity flash - Features four bright flashing LED lights

  • Powerful bed shaker - Vibrates under your pillow or mattress

  • Night light beacon - Guides you back to bed

  • Backup battery - Works even during power loss


Bellman Visit Alarm Clock - $290.60

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock Kit (incl. Bed Shaker) - $426.20

Please note that the above price does not include possible postage or installation costs. To arrange a quote, please contact us.

Product Information

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock data sheet

Bellman Visit Alarm Clock user guide