Bellman Visit



The Bellman Visit Pager receives signals from the Bellman Visit Transmitters to alert the wearer of Bellman devices being activated in the home. Allowing the wearer to move freely through the home and garden, the pager uses vibrations and different coloured LEDs to alert which device has been activated. The pager is small enough to fit into a pocket or attached to a belt.

The Bellman Visit Pager uses a rechargeable LED and comes with a charger.



  • Discreet vibration - Produces a non-intrusive vibration

  • Clear identification - Uses colored lights and vibration patterns

  • Lightweight and portable - Includes a belt clip and safety cord

  • Adjustable radio key - Allows for multiple systems in one area

  • Optional charger - Equipped with two bed shaker jacks


Bellman Visit Pager - $427.95

Please note that the above price does not include possible postage or installation costs. To arrange a quote, please contact us.

Product Information

Bellman Visit Pager data sheet

Bellman Visit Pager user guide