Lone Worker


Tunstall can help business managers and owners to protect their people, by offering a range of technologically advanced products and services designed specifically for staff working on their own, travelling alone, or in hazardous environments.

For those who work either alone or remotely for long or short periods of time, many risks are increased, including:

  • Exposure to violence or confrontation

  • Inadequate access to emergency facilities

  • Injury from being required to perform work tasks alone.

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It is the legal obligation of all employers to provide safe working conditions for all employees, including lone workers. The hazards of individual roles should be identified, the risks assessed, and processes put in place to ensure communication and access to emergency services is available 24/7.

To allow employers to reliably protect their employees, Tunstall has developed a range of mobile and fixed solutions suitable for a variety or work environments and situations, all supported by our 24/7 monitoring service.