Recognition &



We know how good it feels to be recognised for a job well done! At Tunstall we're proud of what we achieve together and we like to we celebrate together too. We've made it easy for our team to thank each other and give praise for a job well done.


Service Recognition

Experience matters. That’s why we celebrate the anniversary milestones of our team. When a team member hits 5 years of service, and every 5 years thereafter, they receive a gift and a certificate to celebrate their service.


STAR Program

Tunstall Healthcare uses a comprehensive reward and recognition program (STAR – Special Thanks and Recognition) to recognise and celebrate colleagues who really make a difference to our customers, teams, or the community. Being recognised by peers or leaders makes us feel valued, empowered, engaged and supported.

Shooting Star Awards instantaneously recognise employees for a job well done, while Rising Star Awards recognise employees for one-off achievements or significant contributions by individuals or teams that aligns with Tunstall’s mission and values. Additionally our Super Star Award is presented to employees whose individual performance is outstanding, aligned with Tunstall values and contributes to a Tunstall business goal.

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