Tunstall’s Smart Hub is the smart choice

Tunstall’s new Smart Hub medical alarm combines digital and GSM technology to provide the best possible connected care solution.

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For someone like Tom, having help at hand can be a life-saver. Tom is a veteran and lives on his own in a small Victorian town. He relies on his medical alarm, and Tunstall’s 24-hour monitoring service, to maintain his independence, and provide assistance, should anything happen.

Tom describes the Tunstall monitoring service as being “like a flash” and “very good from day one”.

There are people like Tom living all across Australia, who wish to live independently but want the peace of mind that Tunstall’s service can provide.

Announcing the latest addition to Tunstall’s innovative product range, Tunstall Healthcare Group's Chief Information Officer, Geoff Feakes said the new Smart Hub home medical alarm was developed to give Tom, and others, the best possible service.

 “The Smart Hub is the most advanced Tunstall medical alarm available, with integrated digital IP technology, and the centrepiece of connected care services both now and in the future,” said Mr Feakes.

 “Incorporating GSM technology to operate on the 3G mobile network, the alarm works independently of the NBN network or landline infrastructure.

 “The Smart Hub has 40 hours of back-up battery life, maintaining user safety in the event of a power outage,” he said.

When the Smart Hub is activated, it contacts Tunstall’s 24-hour monitoring centre, putting the user in contact with a trained care consultants who will determine what action needs to be taken; such as contacting a family member or friend, after-hours doctor, or emergency services. Tunstall care consultants always stay on the line until help arrives.

 “We are committed to supporting people like Tom to live in their own homes, as independently and securely as possible, wherever that may be,” said Mr Feakes.

“In order to guarantee the Smart Hub is up to the task, we recently conducted a field trial, taking the alarm out to Emerald, Springsure and Rubyvale in Queensland.

The alarm performed flawlessly, successfully testing calls in many rural and remote areas with limited mobile reception, ensuring that, no matter where you call home, Tunstall has you covered,” he said.

The field trial demonstrated the flexibility and resilience of Tunstall’s Smart Hub and shows why Tunstall remains the world’s leading provider of connected care solutions.

For more information on Tunstall’s services and the new Smart Hub medical alarm, visit us at www.tunstallhealthcare.com.au or call 1800 603 377.

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